About Me

Hi! I’m Alexandre Leites, the author and main developer of IOT Link. I love Home Automation as a hobby and this project has been created to contribute back to the community.

Developing IOT Link takes a lot of time, coffee, snacks, energy drinks and sleepless nights. There’s a lot of things that go into developing and maintaining an open-source project: from developing new features, fixing bugs, answering questions to maintaining servers, preparing releases and moderating discussions around social media, reddit, and related project forums.

Also, I live in Brazil, where buying a cheap home automation device (5 USD) can turn into 25~30 USD considering shipping fees, import taxes, and such stupid government bureaucracy which makes maintaining such a hobby into a very expensive one. That being said, I really appreciate ANY value donation.

How to Contribute

You can support IOT Link development by becoming a Patron (monthly subscription) or a one-time contribution.